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If you would like to know more about the benefits of becoming a distributor of PRIMAX and PRIMA Falling Weight Deflectometers, and how this can add value to your business, please contact Bjarne Bylov Jensen or send an email to

How our distributors succeed in business adding value to clients:

Nakajima  ”Reliable support has kept us working
  together for more than 20 years”,
  says Tuyoshi Nakajima of Nakajima
  Technologies Co. Ltd., who is
  providing falling weight
  deflectometers manufactured by
  Pavement Consultants to Japanese

  “Its simplicity in design is the
  advantage for many of our clients
  when it comes to  maintenance of the
  PRIMAX”, Tuyoshi Nakajima continues.

Today the PRIMAX van-integrated FWD is the benchmark for integrated falling weight deflectometers on the Japanese market.

Since the 90ties, the road laboratory, Toa Doro Kogyo Co. Ltd., has been one of our most important clients and a company, which is contributing to our success by setting the standard for FWD projects in Japan. The PRIMAX FWD is the laboratory’s solution to optimizing its costs through reduction of time spent on field operations and highly efficient performance and reliable data output.

Nagato Abe of Toa Doro explains:”The PRIMAX system has given us the advantage of being one step ahead of our competitors because of a substantial reduction of project time. The efficiency and reliability of the PRIMAX system with almost no downtime is a major advantage adding value to our business.”  

Earth Products China LimitedComment from another valued distribution partner Earth Products China Ltd. saying: “We have been dealing with Carl Bro Pavement Consultants (later Grontmij A/S and today Sweco Danmark A/S) for more than 15 years. In our business with the company, they have been highly professional, providing excellent service and products. All their employees have been extremely helpful and responsive to our requests. With such great support, we sold more than 60 FWD units in Mainland China.”

EPC’s success in distribution of that many FWD units has grown their business; also in servicing FWD throughout all of China.  

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Bjarne Bylov Jensen
Bjarne Bylov Jensen
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