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RoSy Airport Pavement Management System

RoSy APMS adds value to your airports


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RoSy Airport Pavement Management System (RoSy APMS) is a concept capable of handling from one single airport up to several airports. This makes the system very flexible and usable at all levels of your organisation.

The optimisation and calculation of maintenance strategies based on various budget scenarios provide the user with details allowing a very precise planning of actions well in advance for an entire airport network and for the individual airports in the network right down to a single section of a runway, an apron or a taxiway. The scenarios can have horizons of one up to 10 years ahead.

RoSy APMS complies with international standards such as ASTM, ICAO ensuring the long-term benefit of the investment.

RoSy APMS creates value

  • You can get full overview of all airports in a network and work with all airports or select a single airport and get full overview of this particular airport.
  • Accurate timing of investments needed for asphalt as well as for concrete pavements because the system has documented the consequences of the various budget scenarios very clearly.
  • You will know exactly what the consequence will be of a given service level and what the cost will be.
  • Decisions can be clearly communicated to all levels of the organisation and the consequences are well-documented in e.g. reports and/or visualised in maps.
  • The assessments of pavement conditions are based on the PCI methodology (Pavement Condition Index) as described in ASTM Standard D53-40 and as concepted by FAA and the US Army Corps of Engineers.
  • You can access all your present and historic data having geographical references to the positions the data derives from.




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