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Support and Service - Hardware and Software

The support team of Sweco Pavement Consultants is ready to support you, whenever you need support regarding equipment or software. Call us or send us an email.

Fallling Weight Deflecometers:
We offer you training in correct operation and maintenance of falling weight deflectometers (FWD and LWD) as well as service and calibration.

Also we offer upgrading of earlier FWD models.

RoSy Software:
Furthermore, we provide training courses in the use of our RoSy software for pavement management and in the use of our software for interpretation/calculation of data.

Our user seminars provide a platform for sharing of knowledge.

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René Clemen
René Clemen
Project Manager
+45 8228 1573

Jens Pedersen
Jens Pedersen
+45 8228 1490

Finn Iversen
Finn Iversen
Support Manager LWD
+45 8228 1494